Medical Alert/Alarm Systems

Get HELP Fast when you need!

With just a press of the Life Pendant button, our EMT staffed response center operators will contact your local 911 emergency services, family, friends & neighbors.

Medical Alert System priced right for every budget!

Life Pendant offers Medical Alert System monitoring for every budget! We offer just one price. No confusing plans to choose from. Pricing made easy. Life Pendant NEVER locks you into a contract for any term. Cancel at anytime. Also please know we offer a Price Guarantee. If you see the same service at any other competitor please notify us so that we can meet and beat the price.

  • No Contract
  • No Equipment to Buy
  • FREE Shipping
  • Waterproof, can be worn in shower or bath
  • Alarm transmission range: 750 ft line-of-site
  • Service Ready-to-Use Help Button and Base Unit
  • Notify friends and/or family
  • Closest available emergency responders dispatched
  • Speak directly with our emergency response operators
  • 24/7 certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) staffed response center

Medical Alert, Alarm - Additional Pendant

The medical alert panic button comes in either a bracelet or necklace. Both styles are waterproof and offer an optimum range of 1500 feet or more. Used with our Medical Alerts, Medical Alarms.

Medical Alert, Alarm - Lock Box

A spare key can be stored securely in the lockbox, allowing responders and emergency services access to the home when help is needed. Life Pendant stores the combination to the lockbox in a secure database. Used with our Medical Alerts, Medical Alarms.

Medical Alert, Alarm - Monthly Service Plan

Billed Monthly, No Contract, Cancel Anytime, Nationwide Coverage. Medical Alert & Medical Alarm Monthly Service Plan.

Mobile Medical Alarm/Alert

Speak directly into pendant, Water Resistant, Voice Prompted, Pendant Battery, Auto Check in/Testing

Mobile Medical Alert System with Tracking - Monthly Service Plan

Designed especially for active seniors, individuals with medical problems and anyone who wants to reach help in an instant. One-button access to emergency care. Locate your loved one from your smartphone or computer. Assisted GPS enables quick location time. Works anywhere with a cell phone signal. Weighs under 2 ounces